New Flickr Group

I changed the flickr page slightly, so you can add your own photos to the group pics. Anyone who has attended at least one Photo Walk/ Event in the last 12 months is welcome to add your photos, so please do! Post photo walk pics and also feel free to post your own work in between photo walks, so we can support and encourage you! And become a contact of the durangoshooters page as well, so we can easily reach you. Thanks!

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A taste of the first Photo Walk images….

Just what I played with tonight… There will be more, and on the flickr page too!

LSD Clouds… an HDR trip down the rabbit hole (read my story of the whole post-processing experience on, I won’t repeat it all here.  (see the image larger at or at

And another image, with a title that may give away my feelings for the image (look it up on Wikipedia if you don’t know the story)

The Fallen Caryatid

(see the image larger at or

I had a blast and the occasional raindrop didn’t dampen our spirits at all.  Great conversations and some fun experiences… come along on the next Photo Walk, please!

PS- I hope that this group can be used to promote any and every photographer who attends.  So please, post your images from this walk or come to the next so we can show off your photos with pride!

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Even with a bit of rain, the walk went on!

We had 2 people show up for the first Durango Shooters Photo Walk. It was fun- I’ll be posting some pics as soon as possible. It’s interesting what you can see when you get out and look around for photo opportunities! I hope more people will come out for the next one…. This is too much fun to keep to just a few people!

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Weather tonight- unless it’s pouring, Photo Walk is still on!

I see the thunderclouds rolling in, and I know they can be bad for digital cameras (yikes!) but there are plenty of places to take photos downtown under cover, so lets still plan the walk unless the rain is unrelenting. I doubt it will be that bad! See you in a few hours!

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Ideas for Photo Walk

If people show up a bit early, we can walk down to the fake gun battle that will be happening outside of the Strater Hotel…  it’s only half a block away.  We could also walk over to the river and get some water pictures, and of course, just walking around downtown and catching some great people shots.  Bring other ideas- good flower shot areas, neat buildings, etc, to Open Shutter Gallery at Friday at 7pm! Looking forward to the shoot!!

I’m setting this thing up and I have a few extra tripods/monopods if anyone needs one- call to reserve at 970-779-0981.

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First Photo Shoot / Photo Walk!!! 6/11 Fri 7 PM Downtown

How does that suit everyone?  Friday night, summer time, with interesting people wandering downtown, great weather (hope hope hope), sunset, river days and a rodeo the next day… we can wander, shoot, talk, explore each others shots, play with exposures and images…  Meet at Open Shutter and we will go from there.  Should be excellent!

Remember, we will be posting pictures to the flickr page afterwards, once post-processing is done.  I’m so excited to finally get an event off the ground!

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Pennington Photo Sponsorship- clarification

I talked with the staff at Pennington Photo today and they clarified that the 15% discount that they offer for the group is for prints up to 11×16 size.  That can be a pretty nice deal, so enjoy getting your prints done there!

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